Modelleria Scledense

"...the heritage of Italian craftsmanship, a passion for sartorial workmanship and a commitment to innovation, guide our skilled hands..."


since 1967

It all began with a handcraft workshop, a passion for wood – a material easy to shape and work – and a perfect mastery of the necessary techniques.
Intuition, vision and audacity have kept the flame alive over the years. And this translates today into a successful 50-year journey through the world of interior design.
Throughout this time, we have created, produced, innovated and experimented, turning the most wide-ranging project specifications into refined, elegant and unexpected products.
We have furnished, experimented with and completed a wide range of projects; from private homes, ultra-functional, sober workspaces and many convivial and hospitable environments to the evanescent and artificial beauty of upscale luxury settings. Each project was realised with the knowledge and passion that characterised us from the beginning and has made our company what it is today.
We know that we must continue to adapt to meet the ever-changing challenges of the spaces in which we live, of our lifestyles and habits.
Increasingly, we are involved in the artificial world of retailing, where the search for perfect execution emphasises the quality of the product and the brand it represents. While this enables us to experiment with innovative solutions of high aesthetic value using technical materials, we remain deeply devoted, by passion and tradition, to the living and work spaces which are the mirror of our culture and society.