About us

Our history began in Mr. Lidio’s industrious workshop, which tirelessly churned out wooden moulds for heavy industry.

Deep-rooted expertise and the energetic and skilful artisanship of the workshop helped forge the specialisation of the new company, guiding it towards the production of moulds for local foundries.

A passion for wood as an artistic material combined with acquired skills, a mastery of working techniques and a knowledge of the properties of the employed materials transformed the company in the early 70s, thus opening the door to the world of home furnishings, starting with kitchen manufacturing and subsequently the mass and custom production of furniture.

This new challenge stems from Mr. Livio’s intuition, for he sensed the importance of the social change underway across the country, recognising the added value his company could bring to the furniture sector through its specialised tailored production.

His vision proved to be right, and economic development led to ever-growing demand. To meet the increasing production and logistical requirements of the growing company, the production facilities eventually moved to a different location, where the new Modelleria Scledense’s headquarters are located to this day.

Over the next two decades, the company kept on growing, working both for industry and for the furniture sector, fulfilling its two original vocations: a more technical one – meeting the manifold demands of the metalworking industry – and a more creative one – furnishing luxury spaces with custom-tailored solutions, always consistent with the latest trends.

Care and attention to interior design, conceived as essential in shaping and giving meaning to people’s living, working, and networking spaces, gradually prevailed, becoming the true core business of Modelleria Scledense, which started experimenting, researching and innovating, yet always guided by its artisanal roots.

In the late 90s, when Lidio’s sons Stefano and Cristiano began working alongside their father in running the company, Modelleria Scledense became almost solely dedicated to designing and creating everyday living spaces. Whether residential, executive areas or boutiques, this space is always characterised by the highest quality materials, the elegance of the applied solutions and the quality of custom-made craftsmanship.

It was during this time that the company started specialising in high-end residential and retail sectors, working for prestigious brands in the “Made in Italy” scene and crafting public and private spaces with high aesthetic refinement, where beauty defines harmonious and balanced contemporary interiors complemented by invisible, silent yet ever-present technology.



passion and know-how, passed down from one generation to the next.


for our work, for the project and its realisation, for craftsmanship


cultural heritage and manufacturing know-how, based on tailor-made creations and the starting point for innovation

tailor made

the starting point, aspiration and aim of handicraft production


Research and technology, deeply rooted in tradition and ethics


integrity and respect for the environment and for land we occupy, for the next generations and the world in which they will live