Fashion Brand Headquarters

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The renovation of an old building that once contained administrative and executive areas; a rustic outbuilding reinterpreted for a contemporary vision which now hosts prototyping, production and research facilities. This is the backdrop for an interior design project for the headquarters of a well-known Italian luxury brand.
Contrasting architectural styles seem to interact with one another, surrounded by an even and suffused atmosphere with consciously neutral tones, while white dominates the external and internal spaces, like a trait d’union between content and container.
The project involved furnishing the entire complex, from the offices to the office canteen, laboratories to meeting rooms, guardroom to the whole communication system, the reception room to the company museum. This required studying and finding different solutions suitable for the different requirements of each area.
The conceptualisation of the tables in the prototyping offices – the operational planning heart of the company – required particular care: the demands of specialised workstations with high technological features resulted in a modern, clean and straightforward design able to hide or disguise the impressive technological equipment. Here, the white plywood top with hardwood edges was equipped with engineered quartz to facilitate the cutting of materials. The hanging drawers appear to be a natural extension of the table tops, creating additional space on the floor. Special lamps embrace the whole workstation, their natural, even light illuminating the entire surface.
A similarly interesting approach was followed for common areas like the vast meeting room, an ever-changing space used to hold meetings, elaborate dinner parties or fashion shows. Here, the large totem tables that dominate the space can transform into benches, counters or into a catwalk thanks to a purpose-engineered mechanism hidden inside the table’s leg.
A sober tone and uniform colour are the diktats that dominate the variety of elegant, contemporary and refined furnishings used to house the most innovative technologies, which remain hidden so as not to overshadow the real protagonists of this play of refined and pure taste.

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