Ny Apartment

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A luxury apartment in the heart of downtown Manhattan, where the kitchen, living and sleeping area are seamlessly merged into a vast open-plan space.
Enclosed in smoky, floor-to-ceiling mirrored walls and storage elements, the entrance is the only space truly separated from the rest of the apartment. From there, the open space is the real social hub of the house, illuminated by three large windows facing north and spanning the entire façade.
A balanced contrast of colours and materials dominates the furnishings, in an interplay of whites and browns and lacquered and ebony-finished surfaces.
The elements protrude discretely from the perimeters of the spaces they enclose, perfectly integrated in the surrounding space as extensions of the partition walls.
The wide and brightly lit west-facing living area is enriched by the kitchen, with its stainless steel and mirror detailing and an impressive central island. By contrast, the sleeping space, on the eastern side, ends with the floor-to-ceiling master wardrobe in natural ebony, which hides inside the foldaway bed.
A large sliding, carefully hidden wall, can conveniently cross the space diagonally, separating the two areas and restoring their functional autonomy.
This perfect synergy of technology, creativity and craftsmanship, guided by the designer’s hand, creates an austere yet never cold living-space.

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