Timber Bar

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Entering this city-centre coffee shop, you are greeted by a warm atmosphere with a cosy and homey yet sophisticated and modern feel.
The space seems to be dominated by the monolithic white bar counter that stretches out lengthwise across the room, while conviviality and socialisation take place in the areas all around it.
The white structure almost seems to be the projection onto the floor of the overhanging structure, to which it connects through an open bottle-cabinet with smoked-glass shelves and warm shafts of light.
The rigorous volume of the counter is softened by the use of “Corian”, a solid-surface material with a velvet-touch effect which lightens the contrasts and smooths the outlines. Its delicate and mellow hues are further enhanced by chestnuts inners that, with their colours, give a warm undertone to the light.
The natural wood inserts that intersect with the clear crystal windows of the display box help to counterbalance the cool reflexes of the smoky glass, creating an interesting balance between solids and hollows.
The interplay of different materials is repeated on the furniture and on the walls, where the off-white of the wall paint alternates with a floor-to-ceiling natural wood veneer in a game of solids and hollows that follows the movement of the perimeter walls. Here, recesses and niches, further enhanced by carefully placed light fittings, counterbalance the projecting structures.

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