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Services and technology

Our company specialises in manufacturing made-to-measure furniture and turn-key solutions for every environment and setting. Whether private residences or boutiques, offices, hotels or restaurants, our mission is bring ideas and projects to life. Working alongside architects and designers, our team of designers and project managers develops executive projects with the direct support of production technicians in order to interpret in a coherent way the guidelines set in the concept outlines. Starting from project drawings, we study the client’s requests and then design possible preliminary proposals, backed by digital simulations, prototypes or mock-ups, which can help us to clearly identify problems, methods and production techniques. Once we’ve identified the most suitable solutions and clearly understood the requirements, we develop the executive project with the use of the latest information technologies, implementing it with artisanal care and attention to detail, always supported by the reliability of CNC machinery.
Thanks to our expertise, we can work with all type of traditional materials, including wood, steel, glass or stone, a wide choice of finishings and, based on this knowledge, we aim to experiment with the new engineered materials on the market.
To round off the production process, our teams of specialised technicians monitor the installation, following the process with utmost care so that every piece fits perfectly to its space – like a tailor-made dress to its wearer.