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We create interior design using our brains, our hands and our soul.
From the seed of an idea and the search for raw materials to the creation of a place with all its furnishings: we want to highlight your uniqueness.

We listen to your dream – a new concept store, a stylish home, the restyling of a company headquarters – and we turn it into reality, always in accordance with your values and your desires.

Before getting started, we close our eyes and imagine what features will be key to your project: to make an entirely new space, where nothing is repeated, unique, exclusive, and highly personalised.
Together, we picture every single detail of what this space will include. We see it through to the very end, with practicality and dedication. This is where imagination becomes reality. 

Ours is a new kind of craftsmanship.

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Each project is unique: we combine skills and knowledge, looking for the best materials, investing in the most innovative technologies.
We don’t like to place limits on your requests, we want to find solutions which are both efficient and cutting-edge.

The challenge is to create spaces that are not only beautiful, but also functional.

Let’s call it a new engineering craftsmanship, where beauty, technology and craftsmanship come together to give life to exclusive bespoke design projects. We can take care of every aspect – the precision of the finish, the selection of a fabric and the choice of a particular wood – and put it in the hands of an expert to give the creations a refined and classic feel.

In our team there are designers, architects, engineers, carpenters and digital technicians. Each has skills which guarantee the creation of unique spaces, where every detail is of the utmost importance.

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Our story makes us who we are. We were born in the foothills of the Little Dolomite mountains and surrounded by Palladian villas in the city of Vicenza. When you are amidst all this beauty, it is all too easy to start taking it for granted. So, since 1967, we decided to pursue this idea of a timeless beauty by working with wood to make furniture.

First-hand savoir-faire and artisanal craftsmanship were central to our initial expertise.

In 2010, the company started a new chapter. Using our tradition and our knowledge, we started looking at the world of interior design from a new point of view, forging collaborations with designers, architects and big names in the world of luxury, which now makes up the lion’s share of our business.

We focus on the creation of unique and exclusive spaces – houses, villas, shops, corner stores, outlets, offices, companies – in a perfect balance between past, present and future.

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To eliminate any doubts, simplify what seems difficult, and give concrete answers.
We become your single point of contact to bring together the separate resources: architects, engineers, designers and craftsmen.

We will take care of your project from start to finish, solve problems and bring its beauty to the surface with quality, refined and unique solutions.

We can independently coordinate the different elements in order for you to obtain a complete solution, from the development of the idea to delivery, including installation and maintenance.

Jules Verne.