2.0 mm


Different materials to satisfy the uniqueness of each project.
The energy of wood, the resistance of metal, the elegance of glass, the exclusivity of textiles, the functionality of polymers.

This is the basis with which we design and create your spaces: having a deep knowledge of each material’s properties is key, and having the time and patience to work on them is essential.

Extracting wood, refining it, giving strength to a project with metal, making it precious with a fabric, playing with glass, is all knowledge that we have acquired through many years of experience.
In that time, we have never compromised on our mission to continuously strive for the highest quality. 

A vision that makes each of our projects a timeless classic.

2.1 mm


Wood has the energy of a living material. Follow its shape, transform it and use its warmth in a totally unique project. For many years, wood has been central to our production.
Today we work it with artisanal methods or with the right technology, always with an ethical and respectful approach.

2.2 mm


Metal is resistance. It can go by the name of steel, iron or brass. A noble material with a glossy, brushed or galvanic finish.
A genuine material with raw energy. Perfect for making a space feel fresh and modern.

2.3 mm


It is light that makes a space feel welcoming.
Glass is elegant in its infinite forms: extra-clear, bronzed, coloured, smoked. It becomes a piece of design when blown or for protection when it is layered or tempered.

2.4 mm


Textiles are easily recognizable by their feel and show themselves at their best when combined with other exotic materials. Refined fabrics, pure silk or soft velvet, which offset the concreteness of wood and iron.
The charm of warm, golden, amber tones.

2.5 mm


Polymers are the energy of matter that can be modelled and shaped. What is extraordinary is how it makes every project functional and yet makes a house feel like a home.
It takes precision and knowledge, but it is the element which can transform an artistic project into a design space.

Frida Kahlo.