4.0 mm


Our team is here to help you at every stage of your project. They are proud of what they do and not afraid to show it.
We will introduce you to them, one by one.

Cristiano Acquasaliente
Stefano Acquasaliente
4.1 mm


The roots of our company lie in the past, the present and the future.

4.2 mm


The trick is to listen to your dreams and give them to those who can make them come true.

Giulia Testolin
Valentina Cavion
Flavio Chiementin
Stefania Trovato
4.3 mm


We use the latest and most sophisticated design programs, in order to realise your dreams.

Fabio Ramires
Valentina Statuti
Sabrina Burlon
Stefano Mazzaretto
Alberto Corrà
Matilde Bolcato
Gianni Iannella
Elisabetta Tonin
4.4 mm


Precision is in every piece of our mosaic.

Lisa Acquasaliente
Krizia Losco
Stefano Zordan / Purchasing and Planning
Diego Mattioli / Accounting and finance
Marta Fontana
4.5 mm


It takes patience and kindness to learn to recognize the secrets of wood.

Emanuele, Roberto, Gordan, Corrado
Claudio, Daniele, Fabiano, Manuel
Nicola, Gianpietro, Graziano, Thomas
4.6 mm


Only details can transform a place into a timeless space.

Alice, Paola, Anna, Lisa
4.7 mm


A project exists only when all the pieces come together with impeccable precision.

Giulia, Luigi, Fedele, Stefania, Ivan

Pablo Picasso.