3.0 mm


Accustom oneself to beauty, as a matter of principle.
It is precision, study and dedication that are the main rules when creating a memorable project. 

We are not satisfied with furnishing a space which is only functional; we aspire to an ancient idea of beauty.
Where beauty means a harmonious space in terms of the colour and the choice of material, to create an ambiance which doesn’t follow fashion but is timeless and built to last.

In order to do this, we have learned that every detail, even those that are not seen, is very important.
This is where we concentrate our energy.

To be memorable.

3.1 mm


Every millimetre is important and the projects we work on bear testament to this. In all our work, we are committed to creating spaces which are both beautiful and functional, where every single object is seen as if it were unique. The narrative of what we have done over the years is in the emotions that have conquered our customers.

Adriano, Roman Emperor