This pied-a-terre was commissioned to us by an entrepreneur in the fashion industry with the intention of creating an environment for informal meetings, where his passions cross work.
An absolutely functional environment, but exclusive and refined down to the smallest detail, with plays of light, black mirror coatings and lots of dark wood.

Between work and relaxation

For this project we have created work areas and other spces that are more relaxed, where we highlighted the owner’s love for conviviality and strong passion for engines.
This space looks almost like an open space and welcomes a large bar area with a dark wood counter that is inspired by the classicism of Italian furniture.
In this area we have created a more modern volume in contrast, covered in black mirror, in which a small wine cellar has been created made with a steel mesh as a characterizing element.

In the central part of the ground floor there is a large wooden table and a particular coffee table, for convivial moments and business meetings.

On the opposite side of the room we have instead created a large lacquered wood wardrobe with a murphy bed, which can be easily extracted only when needed. There is also an operational work area with a desk.

In front of the entrance door there is a large window that sheds light on another area of ​​the space: a large garage with wooden slatted walls and a resin floor, which houses a collection of cars. A separate space, but always in view from the work area, which is emphasized by a warm play of lights.

Let yourself be inspired by the images of the project …